New website!

Hey everyone… I decided to start my own website and I have a blog on it. You can find it at if you want to continue following me. I would appreciate it. 🙂
Talk to you soon!
Erika xox


Back at it… Break is over.

Yeah it’s time to get back in the routine. My Christmas break of no running is over. It’s time…

Tonight was a treadmill training. Here is my summary:

Distance: 2.35 km
Time: 24:01
Avg Pace: 10:10 min/km
Calories: 171 C

Avg HR:147 bpm
Max HR:182 bpm

I did get some running gifts this Christmas. Now I just need a winter running jacket and I’ll be all set to do so running outside. I’m shopping for one right now. Hope to get one soon.

I certainly hope you are all having a great festive seasons. I know I am with my family and friends.

As for my fundraising goal, I’m currently at 19% of my goal. I still need all your help. Please share and donate… There are different ways to do so. It is for a good cause: the Canadian Diabetes Association. They are getting closer to find a cure/better treatment for diabetes. The money is going toward that research. To find out how to donate, just click here: Everything is explained there in both English and French.

If you have any questions, you can send them my way either here or at the website above.

Thank you everyone!!!

Take care!
Erika xox

Need your help!

I’m asking for your help again. It’s for my fundraising. I have to reach at least $2500 between now and the beginning of January. Please share this with your friends and family.

You can find more information at

It’s already December 9. I hope I will get to my first goal. I’m getting there but I’m not there yet. Don’t forget, you can email me with any questions about it at

My training for the half-marathon is going great. I’m starting my 4th week tomorrow. I’m already seeing the changes in my clothes. I bought new jeans a few weeks ago and I see the difference already. It’s fun to see the changes too. It’s weird though… I can run but going up the stairs at work is putting me out of breath. I guess it’s because it’s not working the same muscles. 🙂

Tonight I did more mail outs to companies for their help. Tomorrow and Wednesday, myself and my mom will be at the Bathurst Sobeys. I will also have new fundraising activities in the new year. At work, with all the Christmas fundraisers going on, it’s more difficult right now.

That’s is for tonight… Time for bed.

Thank you for reading.

Take care…
Erika xox

RIP boys

It’s always sad to see these accidents take the lives of young people. There is never a good time for it but this time of year, the holiday season, is suppose to be the happiest of the year. Well 2013 is not ending well for Cap Pelé. My heart and prayers are with the families and friends of these boys.

I can’t imaging being in that church today. I do hope you will get the help you need, if needed. I do hope you will find comfort in each other.

The four boys were friends. The four families are forever tied together with this tragedy. Lean against each other. You all understand how it feels. Take care of each other and let others take care of you!

For everyone else, be careful. When on the roads, it’s not a race. It’s better to get to your destination in your car ok and a little late then not at all. It’s a busy times on the roads and it will get crazier later in the month.

Erika xox

December starts tomorrow…

Wow! I can’t believe it will already be December tomorrow. The time does fly by too fast. Chirstmas is coming… Christmas is coming… Christmas is coming… Do you know that I LOVE Christmas? HoHoHo! It’s a time to be with family and friends. You can also take time to think over the year and of course look toward the next one. Some people make a list of goals to achieve. Others make a board to look at like to know where they want to go. By now, you all know mine. 🙂 I want to run a half-marathon in Edinburgh, Scotland next May. And to do that, my other goal is to raise at least $6100 to get to go. As of June 2014, I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, these are my main goals for 2014. I do hope I will achieve both of them. For the training, I’m following one with Endomondo Premium. As for the fundraising, I’m almost at my first $1000. November is a month with a few causes. We heard a lot about Movember but it’s also the Diabetes’ month. All the causes are good. Now, with Christmas coming, a lot of requests for donations are coming from everywhere. I will try to get some money out of it too. I will be at the Bathurst Sobeys on December 9 and 10 to collect money and sell tickets. I hope I will have a good turn out. I can’t thank my mom enough for all her help with my fundraisings.

Today was a day for relaxing, decorations and training. I started by going to my fabulous hairdresser Peggy this morning. Of course, she did my roots but I wanted some change. She knows me by now and she knows  Well my bangs are back. It’s easier to manage them during the winter months since it’s not as humid outside. The attach picture was taken with my ipad this afternoon. The color is not that good because my hair color is more a light red/auburn than on the picture.

My training tonight was done on the treadmill. Here are the results…

  • DISTANCE=2.54 km
  • DURATION=24m:01s
  • AVG. SPEED=9:27 min/km
  • CALORIES=356 kcal
  • AVG HR=143 bpm
  • MAX HR=190 bpm
  • warm up at speed 3.5, running at speed 5, walking intervals at speed 3.5, cool down at speed 3 (the treadmill is miles/hour)

It’s almost 10 pm already. I guess we are getting some snow tomorrow. It’s a good thing we did put the outside decorations today although my toes and my nose were not too happy. Brr it was cold but it’s now done. The inside of the house will get its decorations tomorrow. The Christmas music will be played for the first time too for this season. I have to put some on my iPhone again. 🙂

I hope you also like this time of year like I do. It’s not too much about the religion anymore. It’s more about being with the people you love. It is a personal choice. For myself, you believe in what you want to. As long that you are a good person, I will like you or at least like your character. Note: It’s impossible for someone to like everyone 🙂

To donate:

Take care of you and of everyone you love!
Believe in yourself!
Erika xox

Winter is coming…

We can’t live in Canada and not expect winter to arrive at one point. Where I live, we got a little bit of snow for the 2nd time this season. I think this one might stay because boy it’s cold outside. However, I saw that we might get temperatures above 0 Celcius. Oh well, if it’s not this one, we will get more later.

My goal on my training plan today was to walk 2.7 kms in 32 minutes. Brr it was too cold for me tonight so I decided to go down and see my friend… the treadmill. Well I did complete my 2.7 kms walk but in 27 minutes. I can’t judge my distance per km on my treadmill. 🙂

This morning and part of the afternoon, it was a bake-a-thon here. My parents do have apple trees so muffins, apple pies and apple sauce were made. However, we still have more apples. I guess we will make more apple stuff soon. At the same time, it gives us some bake goods for Christmas. Most of it went directly to the freezer.

It is currently 10 pm right now. Time to get ready for bed soon and watching TV. Sunday evenings are great TV nights for me. My PVR is working in case I do fall asleep.

Have a good week everyone!

Erika xox

A new training program!

Well I did it… I did buy the Endomondo pro app for my iphone. This way, I can use their training plan to go to my goal. Oh yes… run a half-marathon on May 25, 2014.

I did my first tried at it today. Since it was snowing outside and the road was not cleared, I decided to do it on the treadmill. It went well. You can set up the program to give information along the way. I just forgot to put the app on treadmill at the beginning. The data was a bit wrong because of it but I was able to take the data from my Garmin watch and change it.

  • DISTANCE: 2.35 km
  • DURATION: 24m:00s
  • AVG. SPEED: 10:13 min/km
  • MAX. SPEED: 5:44 min/km
  • CALORIES: 210 kcal
  • HYDRATION: 0.09L
  • AVG. HEART RATE: 151
  • MAX. HEART RATE: 188
  • WEATHER: Flurries
  • WIND: 3.0 km/h ↖
  • HUMIDITY: 83%
    Weather data provided by

I decided to do my training with this program 4 times per week. It will give me rest days and time to do other things. 🙂 I might start doing some pilates and yoga on those days. I used to do them a while back. 

Hope you are having a great Saturday. Mine started pretty well. Now, time for lunch before some grocery later today. 

Erika xox